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18 yr old artist // thankyou shawn

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Apr 2020

Hey guys I’m selling handmade bags! Dm me if you would like one! These are examples but the First one is available if you like it 😋💓 message me !!

Apr 2020

Just sold this one! I Would love to do a timothée chalamet commission for someone hahah

Apr 2020

Finished commission! Lemme know what you think : )

Apr 2020

Back baby

Apr 2020

Pt 1 . Recently my mental @health has gotten so much better I’ve been able to complete so much art. Just wanna share with you guys some things I’ve been doing during quarantine. The Frida painting the white bag and girl with the bandana and the T-shirt are all up for sale if you like them! Dm me also for any custom piece I have a lot of time on my hands! I can do realism again too I know none of these are realism btw haha

Jun 2019


Feb 2019

Hi all! Some were asking me about sizing so i decided for commissions it’ll be about $20-25 for any sketchbook size (it’s about 5.5 x 8.5 ) and more if you wanna go bigger!!! Dm me : )

Feb 2019

Hi all!!! PLEASE DM ME FOR ANY KIND OF ART COMMISSION! OR if you’re interested in any existing pieces you find on my page let me know! I am up for doing any medium you desire and have a lot of time on my hands to do some artwork for you lovely people. I will do anything (not just people ) although I draw them a lot and will especially LOVE drawing Shawn or timothée or Billie for those of you who are fans ( I’ve drawn them all a lot ) Thankyou!! My dms are always open ❤️

Jan 2019

I don’t have anything new to share lately so here’s a sketch of timmy : ) )

Dec 2018

Millie Bobby brown complete : ) ) Done on Toned tan paper with pencil, charcoal, and sharpie

Nov 2018

Hi all!! I know there are some Billie fans that follow me and commented that they Liked this drawing so I put some items on my Redbubble! link in my bio : ) ) #billieeilish #onebyone #youshouldseemeinacrown

Nov 2018

( hi sorry i realized i posted the wrong photo before lol ) I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this piece here but it’s crazy because it’s already been a year. A year ago I started working on this piece. At the time, color was simply foreign to me. I was so used to using charcoal for black and white portraits I was scared of even attempting it. My teacher at the time told me to try it and honestly it was a game changer. This piece was also a huge change for me because it is 50 x 40 inches (a little over 3 ft tall ) which I was scared shitless to attempt. It’s done with chalk pastel on gessoed foam core. I’ve yet to make a piece that I’m as proud of and it’s been a year so I gotta get movin. Recently it’s been hard making work I’ve been genuinely content with but im practicing and learning a lot in the school i attend. If you follow my art account ignore this you’ve probably seen it hahah. But in honor of a year and being back on this account i decided to share : )

Nov 2018

Some artwork I’ve completed since January! : ) I post a lot of my sketches and unfinished work on my art account but here are some finished ones haha wow it’s been a while

Nov 2018

I’ve risen from the dead . What is good I miss u peopleee// I have lots of artwork I’ve done since January lmao let me know if you want to see sum posted here : )

Jan 2018

So i made this design and put it on a mug. Cup of joe (Keery ) lolol. It can also be on stickers as well as T-shirt’s. Link is in my bio!! check it out if you like joe and there’s also a Steve Harrington one And Gavin (the meme kid ). Let me know if you have an requests for designs or things i could improve upon!! Dm or comment! Thanks so much guys ❤️

Jan 2018

ILLUMINATE DESIGN : ) Link in my bio!!! Stickers only $2.75 !! I hope you guys like it!! : )

Jan 2018

Hey guys just wanted to let you know this drawing is available in prints, posters, t-shirts, stickers, and more! Just click the link in my bio : )

Jan 2018

o hey trendy is back. Shawn is in here a few times : ) just wanted to share this lil collage of some sketches i did

Nov 2017

11/11 (this account is alive again thankfully i had some time to draw on the train ride today )

Oct 2017

I know this account has been dead !! I’m deciding whether to keep it to use as an art account or delete it. I loved having this account I’m just debating now what to do! Here are some drawings I’ve worked on lately : ) ahhh i don’t wanna leave I love u all but I feel like this account is at its end

Aug 2017

Also I handed him this hahah oops I feel bad i had him take it 😂😂 but I'm happy I was able to . He's a sweetheart haha 💗

Aug 2017


Aug 2017


Aug 2017

Done! Should I bring it today?