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Oct 2017

"Live in the MOMENT" Portrayal : @TayConti_WWE Targets : Brie Bella League: Omnipotent Wrestling @OmnipotentWrestling Brie,Brie well get's started we all know who's gonna get that 3 count and plus you're a Bella and a Bella always needs to help to win and cheat to win but I am going to put (YOU ) in YOUR place sweetheart and oh you want respect you're right I should show respect to me (ELDERS ) I'm so SORRY Brie but the thing is in this debut match for both of in (Omnipotent Wrestling ) I am going to win and you're going to loose without a doubt you an your sister both say "Everyone wants to be a BELLA" like Cameron says "Girl Bye", Você não é uma desculpa não boa de uma MULHER e você precisa aprender seus costumes querido and with that said "Everyone want's to be The Real Black Belt Taynara Conti and you only have recognition for 1 thing and that's being a LOOSER sweetheart good luck make sure to break your legs and P.S Os vencedores nunca perdem e os perdedores nunca ganham. #taynarawwe #taynaraconti #taynaramelo #maeyoungclassic #brazil #딸바보 #육아 #육아소통 #존예 #존귀 #세젤예 #세젤귀 #koredizisi #q #redvelvet #레

Sep 2017

My time is NOW ℂᎾℕᏆℐ Portrayal : @TayConti_WWE Targets : Toni,Lana,Mickie,Lacey and Liv Morgan League: World Women Wrestling Yes all these women have more experience in the business than I do but they don't have one thing I do TALENT see I can do things no other woman can do lets be honest Toni,Mickie are talented the rest eh not so much I am The Real Black Belt the woman who never loses I will show the world what I can do and why I am the best and prove to the world why I will be The NXT Women's Champion and prove that to everyone around me I will be sitting in The HOF one day while y'all are still wrestling cause y'all may trust you HEART 💙 all you want it's my head that is going to make me the first ever champ and oh and everyone one in this match should knows this I'm and the FUTURE cause at 22 yrs old I am doing things you will never do and for a fact don't mess with a REAL BLACK BELT because I am not here to play games; and another thing I may be small but I will prove to the world why I am the best in this GAME cause guess what YOU'RE IT 🎈 have a nice life cause in this match you might actually meet the real PennyWise; and everyone should know one thing don't mess with or you will get beat and until you look Cesaro and that's a FACT FACE IT. Cause it's time for me to make some HISTORY I am going to become NXT Women's Champion and know one or anything will get in my way I will win and show what's REALLY UP p.s I am done playing games it's my time to show what's really up ------------------------------------------ #딸바보 #육아 #육아소통 #존예 #존귀 #세젤예 #세젤귀 #koredizisi #q #redvelvet #레