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6 days ago

Happy Birthday from me and wife 🎉 🧨 hope you enjoyed your 4th!!

2 weeks ago

These 3 guys walk into your house ready to party.... what you gonna say?

last month

🔴WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO🔴 I’m at a loss of words.... 😭😭 NO AMERICA NO.... imagine if that was your grandfather....

last month

Young and alive ✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

last month

Don’t care about a curfew, don’t care about a nation guard.. it’s time we keep speaking up.... #ripgeorgefloyd

last month

I can’t begin to describe what the black community is feeling right now 😔 These last couple of days have been so awful to watch. But it needs to be saw it needs to be heard. I don’t wanna know how many innocent black men and women have been killed off camera. #ripgeorgefloyd Also i have placed a link in my bio where you can help as well ✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿

May 2020

Happy months day! Growing up for me was different to say the least my mother wasn’t around and my father worked full time so i was raised by my grandparents in a tiny house in indiana.... some of you already know this if you have watched (Chasing Cameron ) on netflix But Shirley was my everything she’s who i called mom she made sure i got my haircuts and had clothes on my back and had a roof over my head. She’s the one that took care of me when i was sick with chicken noodle soup... And made me chocolate egos every morning 🥰 i know she’s looking down on me and proud of what i’ve been able to accomplish coming out of that tiny city. There’s not any days that go by that i don’t think about you. I miss you deeply. Till we meet again. Love you and happy mother’s day 🙏🏼

May 2020

3 months sober yesterday 🧡 Feeling alive and focused. If you don’t know if you ever met me or was around me there was a 85% chance i was drunk or off some type of antidepressant’s. Never hardcore drugs.... Just needed to make some changes to adjust fully. Changed and happy. Too another 3 months 🙏🏼

Apr 2020

HAPPY #earthday this is me enjoying earth. Hope you enjoy! Let’s chat in the comments? what’s everyone up too?

Apr 2020

Yo this is crazy.... should on hollywood blvd came up and punched me cause i didn’t have a bandana on?...

Apr 2020

did i do this right? 😂🇧🇷

Apr 2020

Wait till the end 😭 2020 Waves 🌊 Thanks to all the homies for helping me out this together 🤟🏽 enjoy!

Apr 2020

Who remembers these days? haha this went off on tik tok 😂🤟🏽

Mar 2020

Yo i think i need a refund 😂 Who remember this song? #buckwild Follow my tik tok! Username- Tcaniff

Mar 2020

Wow i’m very saddened by the news coming out of Spain and Italy.. of the deadly COVID-19. Found these throwbacks from when i was able to tour these beautiful locations. So much life and love in these beautiful places. My favourite had to be Barcelona, Spain And Italy 🇮🇹 I hope everyone is staying healthy and blessed! We are all in this together! Ima continue to upload some throwbacks everyday and make content via instagram story’s to keep some entertainment for you guys! And maybe have the chance to brighten some of your days, also going to be responding to comments and spamming your guys pages so comment ❤️ Praying for the world right now! Photo credits @bryant #Covid -19 #Magcon #Tour #Washyourhands

Mar 2020

Man being stuck inside sucks.... Missing my last ibiza trip right about now and day drinking with the kid @aron .piper ... what are you guys missing right now?

Feb 2020

well it’s my birthday! i wanna thank all you of for the birthday wishes. i’m growing up, learning more and more about life. Last couple years have been tough for me mentally. I honestly don’t know if i would be here if it wasn’t for you guys and the great friends i have.... kinda crazy you guys have watched me grow up... seen all the ups and all the downs. Te Amo brasil 🇧🇷 quem gosta da tatuagem?

Jan 2020

At the ranch with the beautiful day 1 @stassiebaby ❤️

Jan 2020

Yo who made this? what’s going on here? I’m so confused someone toss me a beer 🍺

Dec 2019

Meme me

Sep 2019

Man happy Birthday @camerondallas been through a lot together... just wanted to let you know how proud and happy i am of you. Life’s not easy even harder always being in the spot light 💡 ... I’m proud of the star you have became. I will never forget 2 years ago on your birthday when we had a full on food fight at your airbnb or the times on new years when chris lost everything he brought with him... or the first time meeting you with bart and carl in 2013 at a 2 star hotel when magcon started haha.. I also throw in some hidden gems that i took of you... haha miss you man and love you!!

Aug 2019

Feeling cute. Feeling so cute i wanna send $10 to 10-20 people! Comment your Venmo/Cashapp or paypal! Check my story to see who wins today ☘️ #venmo #cashapp #saturday

Aug 2019

Notice i’ve been almost to every place in spain 🇪🇸 but ibiza so #hawkersdogma

Jul 2019

Been doubted.... ive beeen down... and ive been up. Life is all about courses. Very thankful for everything that’s came into my life these last 6 months!! I know a lot of people even friends not wanting to see me win. But that’s not an option. Thank you @audi of beverly hills! ✔️