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Mar 2020

5 months of every year, for the past three years, i’ve spent just about everyday with this team. 2015 was my last year swimming. i came into highschool not expecting to even know the swim team. but then i started managing. no i don’t swim, but that’s not what it’s all about. these amazing people taught me that swimming isn’t just about what happens in the pool, but also everything outside the pool. swimming is about family and that’s what these people are to me. these guys right here, they’re some of my best friends and they’ve made swimming the best part of my life. so thank you. thank you all. and to my seniors, i love you guys so much, and i can’t wait to see what other amazing things you’ll do in college and beyond. thanks for making me smile and laugh everyday. nothing will beat the feeling of being at your swim meets and cheering you on right from the side of the pool. to holden and kyle, congrats on your olympic trial cuts! to grant, congrats on the air force, that’s amazing! i love you all, go seahorses !! #sectionalchamps #staterunnerup

Feb 2020

‘cause if we don’t leave this town, we might never make it out

Jul 2019

📸: @reardonvictoria

Jul 2019

here comes the sun ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 📸: @reardonvictoria

Jul 2019

camera one, camera two. ~ ~ ~ ~📸: @reardonvictoria

Jun 2019

with some puerto rican girls that are just dyin’ to meet you.

May 2019

upside down 🙉 ————————📸: @reardonvictoria

Feb 2019

meet my family : ) i love my family <3

Nov 2018

don’t wanna live as an untold story, rather go out in a blaze of glory

Oct 2018

best boy band since one direction

Oct 2018

new buffalo, michigan📍

Sep 2018

you were mine for the summer - - -📷: @reardonvictoria

Mar 2018

why ya'll so salty