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Fashion Design Center⚡/ #luxury Zakazivanje/DM Paris/Belgrade #fashion Jurija Gagarina14 L/Belvil ✨OfficeNikoleSpasica3.Beograd🗼mimamadzarac @gmail .com

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6 days ago

Let's start Monday like great weekend behind us! Power in red passion dress, ultimate pices from #VIBEME collection by @MimaMadzarac J'adore @vanilla .rain.jewelry jewellery made for MIMAMADZARAC #VIBEME runway. Rose are red, and Violet are blue...so, so HONEY 🍯 you know what to Do! #kissme before I go💋 Dress :Red passion Collection : # VIBEME @MimaMadzarac Make up @dior 💄 Eyes as always newer lie @ysl make up Hairstyle : @vogue .mm2015 Product : @vogue_cosmetics_serbia

1 weeks ago

,, Le tribute'' to perfect blend of taste and enjoyment! @le_tribute Can you feel sensual touch on my lips?!

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Waiting for the waves, dripping in the sex Lost in the haze, can't tell me nothing... Into #VIBEME by Mima Madzarac ultimate collection of timless patterns and luxury touch.

3 weeks ago

Into luxury RUNWAY #VIBEME by Mima Madzarac Walk into best suit, dress with timeless shape! Revolution isn't excuse, revolution is LIFESTYLE Ultimate feminine suit & CUT by timelss form, with special Coture details, Underground form,luxury deatals and Coture knowledge make you one of #VIBEME Mima Madzarac girls. Oder your Creation of new collection There's only ONE cane BE. All oder /info / /DM/mail _______________________ Office :Nikole Spasica br. 3 S. Room :Belvil Belgrade Jurija Gagarina 14 I /Mimoza 10/20h Dm info! ✨ . . . . . . . . . #VIBEME #fashionshow #collection #luxury #mimamadzarac #dress #runway #love #instagood #photography #instapic #igfashion #fashionista #fashiondiaries #fashionblogger #fashionshoes #fashionaddict #fashionblogger_de #beautiful #makeup #hairstyles #amazingdress #couture #weddingdress #rightnow #design #love #expressyourself #vogue # Belgrade #paris

3 weeks ago

“I think the BEAUTY of the industry, and the WORLD, right now is the INCLUSIVITY” ✨Into fashion with timeless CUT / by MimaMadzarac #VIBEME collection. Ultimate classic & chic dress. Available in oder. Dm/✉ mail Express yourself into ultimate luxury dress. __________________ Unikatna kolekcija #VIBEME dotupna je i dalje za sve nase klijete. Pored osnovnih boja postoje i druge dostupne palete. Osetite jedinstven dojam svile, savrsen kroj izredjen samo za Vas po Vasim jedinstvenim merama. Izrada celokupne kolekcije odvija se po Coture Francuskom standardu izrade, unikatnnog kroja u platnu, potom u osnovnom materijalu i zavrsnici rucne obrade. Profesionalne konsultacije sa Dizajnerom celokupnog vizuelnog identiteta . _____________________ Adresa :Jurija Gagarina14 I Belvil Office : NikoleSpasica3.Beograd Photo 📸 : @mihazero

last month

Red, it's all about passion Without passion, there's no life Without life, theres No new beauty in world... ___________________ Are you one of US? Put your Red dress @mimamadzarac and enjoy in great time in quarantine. Be safe! 🥇 Take all time for you and make some new passionate vibe Right Now is your moment #expressyourself in L'feminine80's ultimate __________________ 📸 @jankom_artist

Mar 2020

Into refresh... #vibeme Into selfish selfie, when we play ▶ game for Vogue. Refresh mood om Tara, no stress... Just enjoy Love this 💄💋new coulor of palette. @chanelofficial No68

Feb 2020

The Sky is limit.... Into passionate beauty Amazing Haute-Coture dress. Love it, live it, have it... ✨ ✨ ✨ #VIBEME by MIMA MADZARAC All info :Dm Mail ✉ :mimamadzarac @gmail .com ______________________ Jedinstvena strastvena lepota sacinjena u jednoj kreaciji. Iskonska sostificiranost jednostavnog kroja, uktanog znanja,moci. #VIBEME by MIMA MADZARAC Info:Dm Mail ✉ :mimamadzarac @gmail .com Haljine se rade po meri klijenta Francuski standard H. C studio ______________________ Photo : @mihazero

Feb 2020

Into powerful interior, inspo✨✨✨ Can you feel vibe of softness, Can you see light of art.... Maybe It's so, its so hard to be so so high... But sometimes you know that feeling is inside you,this place make you to be so right in any direction. You know wher you belong. Thanks for all great time, energy & vibe @ritzparis This amazing place, second home. 🥽🥽🥽

Feb 2020

Shane ON in #VIBEME exquisite modern inspo for this season. Minimal chic, perfect shape.

Feb 2020

Explore the Exclusive collection #VIBEME Step into Bad side..... Evning gown for ultimate girls. ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ Most wanted Baby you can wear it on RED carpet __________________________ Available :Jurija Gagarina 14I Belvil - Mimoza Dm /✉ mail Book your appointment on time. Black /white /nude - limited ___________________________ Photo 📸 : @mihazero

Feb 2020

Into NUDE Rain Drops Ultimate sensual dress. Can you feel on your skin, soft pleasure of silk Ultimate pattern, with timless direction. Are you one of Us? #VIBEME 20' Mima Madzarac ____________________ Photo 📸 @mihazero Jedinstvena vecernja haljina iz nove kolekcije #VIBEME dostupna za porucivanje. Ultimativni nacin izrazavanja, jedinstvenih detalja rucne izrade. @svarovski cut Doatupno :Jurija Gagarina 14I zgrada Mimoze Zakazivanje, dostupna paleta drugih boja. ___________________

Jan 2020

Into the Labyrinth ..... One of magical place.... Are you in? Or not...

Jan 2020

NEXT SUSTAIN of #VIBEME Explore new collection of exceptional fashion, beauty, art. Collection, our product that have been conscloisly crafted. Made with love, knolage & ultimate senses of timless. The dress _ ___________________ Available in Belgrade Book your appointment on time. Great team of Designer, Custom made studio, stylist are in your service. ___________________ Belgrade /Belvil Jurija Gagarina 14 I

Jan 2020

#VIBEME collection into @blairlea Explore our selection of consciously crafted fashion @mimamadzarac and beauty @blairlea Our shoot made use of materials new age, giving new life to be alive . Shape & glam, described part of our personality Hidden of not, written in small black book or on wall, you are perfect. Here it is.... Are you one of #VIBEME girl THIS WEEK’S BEST DRESSED by MimaMadzarac Follow, give us comments, be alive...make some action. Book your appointment for special view of collection. You may oder you perfect dress- jacket 🧥 All info @mimamadzarac or Dm. ________________ Special delivery - Serbia Sending worldwide ✨

Jan 2020

Baby did a BAD Bad thing...You ever pray with all your heart and soul just to watch her walk away? Baby did a bad bad thing_______ Ultimate expression of timless collection by MimaMadzarac #VIBEME Support @chanelofficial Available in Belgrade & Paris/ wool&silk All info Dm. Showroom /office /agents @mimamadzarac _________________ Collection : #VIBEME Photo 📸 @jovanjovanovicc Divine : @helen_babic Hair : @frizerski .salon.vogue Makeup : @MakeupAnaNikolic @davidmakeup .beograd @garava Asistent : @katarinazivkovic

Jan 2020

Welcome into New Session2020 Book your appointment on Time In Fashion Designer Centre by MimaMadzarac ✨Mima Madzarac /ready to wear #VIBEME ✨Wedding dress ✨Custum made dress ✨Evning gowns ✨Collection special clients( basic ) ✨Uniformes for casino/restorant/clubs ✨Desinger collection from desing till production ✨Collection for Brand(Desing/pattern /sample/production/visual identy ) *small 30pc. *Medium 100 * large 500 ✨Photoshooting/video ✨Campaign ✨Visual identy Mail:mimamadzarac @gmail .com

Jan 2020

Hvala najlepse dragom @jovanjovanovicc na ovom snimku iznenadjenja.🍀✨ Divnim ljudima koji su ovo vece ucinili carobnom. 💜 Iskrene emocije, I ljubav zelim svima u novoj godini. Zelim da osetite svoj vibe, da cinite druge srecnim, da osetite vrijeme, prostor, ljude. Budete vise inspirisani sa pravim vredostima, istinskim nacelima. Inspirisana ovim divnim bicima,trenutkom.. Zbog toga odlucila sam da podelim ovaj divan snimak sa Vama ✨ sijajte I budite srecni, Ince nije vredno zivljenja. ______________ Dear friends, wish you pure emotion in your life, positive vibes, good time. For you I wish more positive vibes, make other people happy, belive in them, feel the time, feel the moment. Because that, I decide to share this special moment with all. Live life, feel life, be happy or nothing doesn't make sense. 🍀Tnx. To @jovanjovanovicc once again on this magical moment in backstage.

Dec 2019

Once again I would like to say thank you, for all love, power, energy, knowledge, beauty wich my lovely people give to me for fashion show #VIBEME Great support & love. It was timless expiriece. Thanks once again to all Team, studio, beautiful models, my family,makeup artist, hair artist, friends, clients _it was my pleasure to have you all. Lovely ten years of love, knolage, expiriance , MIMAMADZARAC #VIBEME ⚡⚡⚡⚡💙💙💙 Special tnx for :the man & the women ________ 🌈 Women @issymaar ✨ Photo : @mihazero@pantelix4 tnx all these years to be here ✨ @zipa_yoma_ without you thers no seance ✨

Dec 2019

Feel it, love it... Live it.. Buy it... Sensual feminine touch of natural beauty, form, silk touch on your skin Can you resist... #VIBEME famme fatale by Mima Madzarac ______________________G.M.A.A buyer All dress are Custum made by France Coture standard. Knolage, fabric & perfect cut are ultimate standard of Mima Madzarac. #expressyourself ____________

Dec 2019

Sensual touch of Femininity Luxury is state of MIND _creativity passion & love ®️ #expressyourself into timeless collection #VIBEME I Dear YOU TO BE FAMME Fatale ________ Available collection for Buyers/clients/av. Dm MIMA MADZARAC BELGRADE - PARIS _______________________________________ #VIBEME Video: @dusanjaukovic Model: @dav .mina Mua : @makeup_ananikolic Hairstyle : @frizerski .salon.vogue Asistent : @__katarinazivkovic__ Studio : @studiophotogenic

Dec 2019

Into new #VIBEME collection Ultimate expression of luxury, power & timeless. L 'FEMININE @mimamadzarac ___________ Available in Belgrade/Paris oder Dm. ___________ Collection : #VIBEME @mimamadzarac Model: @dav .mina Video : @dusanjaukovic Hair : @frizerski .salon.vogue Makeup : @makeup_ananikolic Asistent : @__katarinazivkovic__

Dec 2019

⚡Power is a state of Mined not a privilege wich people buy... Off to luxury with love, preparation for new collection #VIBEME Famme Fatale, by Mima Madzarac Wich soon we present to Paris #VIBEME after Belgrade. So happy to live life of collection... Book your perfect piece on time... Oder available.