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the tube said ✌🏻😔

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☁️just a dream

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what time is it for u ? 🌙

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happy father’s day🤍 . love u & miss u so much. don’t know how u put up with me.

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right before a girl on a horse kicked me out

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stream cake

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new brush, who dis! for every #bursttoothbrushchallenge video @burstoralcare is making a donation to @directrelief so show me urs ♡ #brushburst

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best friends day a day late?

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black lives matter.

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industry blackout tomorrow . tuesday june 2nd. i myself will be participating. disconnect from work, and reconnect with your community. again, here are ways to help the cause if you haven’t already. do not get tired. continue to speak up. as a white woman i am well aware of my privilege, and the voice & platform that i have. i also encourage my peers to do the same. it’s not enough to post a hashtag and call yourself an ally if you’ve done nothing to help. you should not need to be pressured into speaking. you should be speaking because you have an influence over this generation, and have a great opportunity to make a positive change. i beg you to take a break, stop worrying about your likes and engagement for long enough to actually formulate an original thought and stand for something. i see y’all posting ads 24/7. u have money. donate. and not just so you can screenshot it and post it on your story for praise. even if you don’t have a following, any awareness you can bring is valid. peace, love & justice need to be the focus right now. i encourage everyone to do their research, find out who is in office whether that be the mayor of your city, governors, all the way up to the president and VOTE for change as well. there are no excuses for silence. unable to protest? sign the petitions. donate. spread the word. and remember - if you are neutral in a state of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

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text FLOYD to 55156. it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. spread the word. let’s talk about the situations that are difficult to talk about. im so deeply sorry i’ll never understand how much you suffer, and i recognize that privilege. the least i can do is use my platform to help in any way i can. i’m heartbroken that we still need to say this in 2020. it’s got to change. #blacklivesmatter

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where are u from :p

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🤠300k streams on cake

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my Cake inspired filter pack is available now on @acolorstory 🎂 check em out🤍

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imma bake a cake

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even smudge gets her own cake

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thank you guys so much for streaming. love seeing your videos and reactions to the song. so grateful for all of u. my heart is happy 🎂🤍 link in bio directed by @nikkolamere

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CAKE IS OFFICIALLY OUT 🎂 this song means so much to me and i’m so glad i finally get to share it with u 🥺 i hope u love it & the video as much as i do {LINK IN BIO}