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5 days ago

My hair hasn’t been this long in years I’m actually both amazed and disgusted

1 weeks ago

Life is beautiful and so are you

2 weeks ago

Thanks for birthing me you angel, Happy Mother’s Day mommaaa @jenniferre4 ❤️ can’t wait for our next yoga session once I’m back in Omaha!

3 weeks ago

If you can’t tell I’m extremely bored... but hey, my washing machine SLAPS tho! 😂

3 weeks ago

Come home to me 🎶

3 weeks ago

I wonder if we could ever get along with aliens or if the potential language barrier would be too drastic to overcome before full blown war breaks out. Either way I would try telling them I’m the worlds biggest KPOP star and then proceed to dance battle the head alien via a medley of moves loosely based off of the opening scene in Step Up 2 (very loosely ) and eventually I would win over the hearts of their species with a combination of charm and Tatum-esque movements, ending the potential destruction of our planet. Anyways I hope you all have a good Sunday!

5 weeks ago

Quaranflips 🌞

last month

Stumbled upon this YouTube video of a guy analyzing my palm... I’m actually in awe 😂😂😂 I learned that I should’ve taken carpentry as an elective in high school, and that my thumb is powerful as fuck 😤

last month

A new chapter is nearly upon us...

last month

Miss this lil fucker so much. I find comfort knowing he’s chasing tennis balls in doggo heaven right now. Thank you @danielsilva for absolutely crushing this piece ❤️

last month

I have so many look alikes... shit is crazy

last month

Quarantine day 13: Wrote the fastest rap I could. Shoutout Wesley Snipes.

Mar 2020

Anybody else going insane?

Mar 2020

Another year in the books. Being 3 was a good time. A lot less stressful 😅 can’t wait to have a baby J of my own one day (but trust me I’m in no rush... that kid was a menace )

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

I want to score movies so bad and build up emotion with intense piano intros and beautiful string sections and haunting melodies.

Mar 2020

I hope everyone is doing well. We have to make sure we’re taking care of each other during this time and doing everything we can to prepare for potential months of isolation. I hurt for the families who can’t possibly make ends meet right now, or those who have been personally stricken/affected by this infection. The world will be back to normal soon enough, so in the meantime try really diving into that hobby that you’ve been putting off! At the end of the day, this may be the only time in our entire lives where it’s socially acceptable to not do shit for a few weeks, but please don’t let that stop you from doing shit... Keep that winners mentality and continue growing with or without others around you! Progression is paramount, even in times when it may not feel necessary ❤️ #COLIV_20

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

Tell me I’m pretty

Mar 2020

What’s your biggest fear? Besides Sammys broke jumper that is...

Feb 2020

Yeah we probably have more fun than you 🤷🏼‍♂️

Jan 2020

It’s been a year without you. I try to channel your energy all the time when I lack motivation. You were a fighter who left us too soon, and I can speak for everyone in this fandom when I say we miss the fuck out of you Emma ❤️ I remember our last show in Chicago, a few months after you passed. 2000 people in a packed out venue held up hearts with YOUR name during “Meet You In The Sky” and it was honestly tough to get through the song. It showed me your impact on not just us, but everyone you ever touched, even the strangers just hearing about your story and your passion for life. We got a chance to speak to your mom backstage the hour following the show, and we kept talking about how we had to celebrate your life even though we were mourning. It was great reminiscing with her thru teary eyes about all of the road trips you took to see us, and about how you were, without a doubt, there in spirit at the show that night. We could all feel you. I hope I can make you proud. I get a sense of comfort knowing your watching down over me, rooting for me. Love you forever Emma... until we meet again u angel ❤️

Jan 2020

I’ve been trying to write a new song/riff on the guitar everyday. I’m not that good yet but I will be one day. I don’t really know what notes/chords I’m playing, so as of right now I just try to feel shit until it sounds good. Also, I subconsciously make little clicks with my mouth while I play to keep me on tempo, and I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Weird. Gotta learn to do those in my head. Also, I truly believe you can become great at whatever you put your mind to. You have to actually put in the effort though. Some people think if they wait long enough they will just wake up one day and be great. Hate to burst you bubble Jared, but Skills don’t develop overnight... so go start right now! (Really hoping a kid named Jared who is lacking motivation read that and started tweaking tf out )