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im not zoning out im just focusing on the wii soundtrack that’s playing in my head

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5 days ago

0:36-0:44 Sunflower, Vol. 6 . . . . . go use the “my dreams” filter by @bryant on snapchat it’s literally a dream

Dec 2019

thank you twenty-nineteen. you’ve been good to me. . . we’ll see where twenty-twenty takes us🌻

Nov 2019

ok guys here it is : ) thank you for the memories. the crazy, unforgettable, and hilarious memories. thank you for the journey. the trials and the obstacles, but also the rewards. thank you for your hard work and spirit of excellence. you made Awards Night happen. not one person. not ten people. but all of you, maybe myself included. thank you to the deco team who worked so hard and went through so much stress. to all those in the original team and all those we adopted along the way. thank you to the musical. to the ones who gave me the chance. to the ones that have a friend in me ; ) to the ones that have never had a friend like me. to my one and only blyton. to topsy. to supersarah. to our beloved narrator. to all the cast and crew. TO THE CHOREOGRAPHERS AHEM AHEM ; ) ; ) from now on, don’t go speechless, and remember that He is the Waymaker : ) i feel like i’m going to get stoned for all the song puns in this paragraph 😂 thank you to the tambourine dancers. the ones that have never held a tambourine before but had to. to the surprise dancers in their sunglasses. you were everything i expected and so much more. may the rest of our lives be filled with crazy spontaneous dancing to edm remixes while taking pictures. thank you to my small err well now large ensemble. to what we’ve accomplished. to the pain that we went through and the reward that we so gladly received. you are all winners to me and i love you guys. thank you to the GBS team. woah you guys have made me so endlessly proud with what we all finally pulled ourselves to accomplish. thank you to everyone that i have yet to mention. to all my friends that came to support. to the church that began this ministry. to the staff team that kept it going. to the students which make everyday a challenge and a reward all wrapped up in one. hey maybe in ten more years we’ll be able to walk down memory lane again and remember how much fun we had this year. cheers to the memories ❤️

Sep 2019

guys calm down.. i absolutely did not forget my girls okay😏😏 . . my QUARTET my loves THE BEST DUET PARTNER my new friend my SISTERS both my mothers . you guys own my heart and every fibre of my being. our last rsc together will go down in history as the one where we cried together, we laughed together, we lost together, and triumphed together. whatever happened, we never lost sight of our main goal and took care of each other. i love you all with everything that i have

Jun 2019

🍒baby you got lucky 'cause you're rockin' with the best🍒 . . . . . some cutesie pics that i've accumulated over the holidays that i'm missing like crazy💖

Jun 2019

it's been fun, saigon❤️ let's do it again some time #lofamily #midyeartrip #hochiminhcity #saigon

Feb 2019

happy birthday gor⭐️⭐️ thank you for always taking care of us, taking us out, and loving us. we've been on countless adventures together that i'll never forget and will forever cherish. i remember when you first told us about wanting to marry melissa and showing me the ring, i was thinking "ohmai otp" and "wew das a big rock" but i also remember thinking "this is how much i want my future husband to love me, this is what i want my future to be like" so thank you. for giving me a standard of excellence that has yet to be met. for showing me how much i deserve. for driving me to work hard and make my family proud. for reminding me that it's important sometimes to sit back and relax as the world rages around you. happy birthday gor ❤️ another year older, another year wiser ; )

Dec 2018

happy birthday big guy

Jan 2017

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