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4 weeks ago

Happy New Year guys! No, this isn’t the teaser, i know, i know. I made this for my publishing houses around the 🌎 and for you guys, the readers who started it all. 2019 was a life changing year. I’ve learned, laughed, created, cried and had some unforgettable memories, and got to meet so many more of you and that made it a good year itself. Asher has learned so much this year and is growing up so fast. There’s a lot to say, and not a lot of space here so thank you thank thank you for this year you’ve given me and for 2020. It’s going to be another good year for us ❤️🎉 Tell me your top three moments of 2019 or what you’re wishing for next year and all the things.

last month

Going to girl’s night in my jammies before everyone goes out of town for the holidays. How do you spend your holidays? If they aren’t a happy time for you, you’re not alone 💛 don’t drain yourself over material things or to impress anyone. Make your own traditions, choose your family and end the year the best way you can. Anyway, lecture is over now haha Tomorrow’s Tessa’s bday, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys 🥳 📸: @tracewatkins

last month

Taking a little me time in the mountains. This town is like a hallmark movie and I’m here for it. I kinda sort don’t wanna leave. Where do you go for a mental break? A place, a novel, a person? Tell me all the things.

Nov 2019

Last night was a dream ✨ We won a People’s Choice Award!! This fandom is the most passionate and dedicated and it shows. Thank you for another incredible experience, I wish you all could have been there. #peopleschoiceawards

Sep 2019

And... it’s a wrap on #AfterWeCollidedMovie 💜✌🏼 I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on the last few weeks. (Also I got tons of content but can’t post yet so stop worrying bbys ) What scene are you most hoping/looking forward to??

Aug 2019

Cutest fam, Vance, Smith & Kimberly💜 #afterwecollidedmovie

Aug 2019

This movie is going to f*** you upppp. Week two is going strong. If you’re an OG you know what this scene is👀 #afterwecollidedmovie

Jun 2019

I had the best time with @candicekayla talking about all the things from Fangirling, fandoms, to why women love to love fictional men like Hardin or Damon. And of course The Fray! We talked so much more than you’ll get to hear in the podcast, but if you wanna listen it’s up!

Jun 2019

Tonight my girls came out with me to celebrate the graduating class of the @stepupwomensnetwork and I’m so honored to be able to sponsor a dinner party for them tonight and be a part of their accomplishments. Being in a room full of vibrant, ambitious young women tonight and watching them dance and smile and celebrate reminded me why I’m doing what I’m doing. Tonight was incredible💜💚 #StepUpxAnnaTodd

May 2019

Thank you guys for 1million!!! What a year this will be ❤️ also this picture was way harder to take than I imagined and trace bought the balloons too soon so the 1 is barely inflated and we almost lost them to the wind and almost gave up😂 how are you guys? How’s school? Work? Kids? Friends? Tell me all the things✨

May 2019

Guysss the After We Collided era is hereeee. WE’RE GETTING A SEQUELLLL!!! More details to come today when the press release is wide (the new producers let me tell you guys first 🥰 ) and as you can see I wrote the script this time around and I’m so excited to bring the pages of the book to the screen. Thank you guys for making After the biggest indie film of the YEAR!! I’ll link to the announcement once it’s live for more deets 😝 #AfterWeCollidedMovie

May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there 🌸 (this picture is from a few nights ago- currently we’re coloring with very washable markers and trying (sort of failing ) to learn to color on paper only 😂🥰 #happymothersday

Apr 2019

Guysss I’m so excited to show you this scene that was one of my favorites that we filmed 😭 I’m so sad it didn’t make it in the movie due to things beyond my control, but you can see the full scene after @princesspiamia video for #BitterLove . @jgibgot and I are making sure you guys get some of the scenes that were cut. Love you guys and I hope you love Pia’s beautiful video that she worked so hard on for this fandom. 💜 Go watch Bitter Love alll day and tell your friends at 12pm PST. #aftermovie

Apr 2019

It’s the first Monday back since the After Movie tour, but it doesn’t feel like a Monday because I’m on a vacation for the first time in so long. Where’s your favorite chill spot? Also- these pictures from @buzzfeed were taken in two minutes and make me feel very chic haha. It seems so long since I used to hide my face and my body from the internet, always worried about someone commenting on my skin, my weight. Thank you for your role in helping me realize my inner and outer beauty and I truly hope all of you reading this do the same for yourselves. Love you guys, here we go with After movie week two, take your friends and fam and see the movie again! ✨🍿💜

Apr 2019

Today on the Today Show! Pinch me. Thank you guys for the incredible box office support you’re giving our After Movie! It’s number ONE in so many countries and it’s all because of you!! After also hit the freaking New York Times this week! Thank you for everything 💜🍿🎥 check out my Facebook for the video! Also- tag a friend you want to take to see #AfterMovie for a chance to win a signed copy of the Movie Tie In. 💜

Apr 2019

Guysss it’s #AfterMovie release week!! I can’t believe it’s here and can’t wait for you all to see it. The cast and crew and all of you have put so much into this film, we hope you love it. Please go see it this weekend and tell me what you think 💜🍿🎥 #aftermovie

Apr 2019

Press day, premiere night 💜 I can’t believe we’re here at the night of the @aftermovie premiere. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, let’s celebrate our movie together 🎥 🍿 😭

Apr 2019

“We should do a hair commercial” 😂

Apr 2019

Europe, you have been incredible. We had such a blast and Paris was quick, but we made the most of it! This group has become family and we’ve created so many memories- all thanks to you guys. Thank you to everyone who came to see us this leg of the tour! Next stop, Toronto💜

Mar 2019

Rome sweet Rome✨

Mar 2019

The support on this tour has been overwhelmingly incredible. We’ve heard so many amazing things about the movie from those of you who have watched it, and it means the world to us. Next stop, Paris. See you soon✨💜

Mar 2019

I mean 😭 the lake scene is definitely one of my favorites in the whole film. Who remembers this from the book? #AfterMovie 🙋🏼‍♀️

Mar 2019

Having the best time in Madrid. The signing last night was INSANE and we feel so welcomed here! The film is almost here guys!! Less than three weeks🥳 are you as excited as I am?? #AfterMovie

Mar 2019

This happy girl is leaving today for the second part of the @aftermovie tour and I can’t waittt. This birthday week has been incredible, and 30 is my favorite year already. Thank you guys for the love and overwhelming support 💜 hope to see you on the road✨