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4 days ago

professional szn 👩🏼‍💼 • • • 📸: @mc_pearson

2 weeks ago

refreshed & encouraged in His work through this weekend. so much love to ariton for welcoming us with lots of love.

Dec 2019

tell me have you seen a sunset

Nov 2019

sweet mama it’s the jonas brothers

Nov 2019

W H Y F U G E ? Fuge has shaped me into a better version of who God made me to be. It pushed me and stretched me in ways I didn’t think I could. Fuge is one of the best experiences and camps you can be apart of, and why? Because of the Gospel. The Gospel reflects every aspect of camp from training week until the last item counted at inventory. It’s shaped by Gospel-centered relationships with students, adults, & fellow staffers that you’ll never forget. I didn’t need to change lives at camp, because the power of the Gospel is enough to change everything. every person. every moment. everything. i’m just lucky enough that God would choose me to be His vessel.

Oct 2019

roll tide. roll fuge camps.

Oct 2019

and to think all we had to do was just show up

Aug 2019

always a quality time in music city

Jul 2019

summer days drifting away

Jul 2019

i’m not enough unless You come

Jul 2019

when i accepted a position as a mtl on the southern travel team, boy did i get way more than expected. i’m not gonna sit here & say it was all good 24/7. it was hard. the enemy knows his ways & how to bring you down, but let me just tell you how much greater my God is than the enemy ever could be! He changes lives when He calls on us. He makes paths for us to serve Him even when rejection happens. as much as my nature wants me to believe sometimes, it’s not about me. God doesn’t need me to fulfill His plans, but praise Him that He uses a 20 year old geeky fangirling college student to fulfill serving His kingdom. I praise Him for what He has done, for the special people He brought into my life, & the humility of being His servant. southern travel fuge, i love ya & will miss you a lot. yeet.

Jun 2019

wow am i blessed to have a job where i get to watch people’s lives changed by the power of the Gospel & it just so happens that i’ve got the best team on the planet that i have grown to love so much to do this thing with. my students absolutely blew me away this week watching them serve so well at every opportunity they could, being flexible even when obstacles were thrown our way, being the utmost hype from opening night to closing morning, & becoming a little family without even knowing each other before opening day!! what a way to close out my summer with fuge. i love you, houston fuge ‘19

Jun 2019

week 1, you were a rollercoaster. regardless of my struggles, it’s the special moments where Jesus shines that make hard weeks really sweet like watching students serving west palm super well & go all into gospel conversations on site, getting to love on the sweetest site babies, & getting to go crazy for Jesus every day! placing second in mega isn’t too bad either!! florida you’re rlly hot but still rlly cool!! on to texas, we go!

Jun 2019

really pumped to do these next few weeks with these cool humans

May 2019

til the next one comes #goodfriendsarenicetour

Apr 2019

never felt alive like this ⭐️

Mar 2019

woooooooweeee I luvvvvvvvv the Jonas Brothers- Robby Ray Stewart (2007 ) Addy Loftin (2019 )

Mar 2019

magical night of music ft. @danandshay 💘

Feb 2019

i did my full hair & makeup last night....that’s how we know it was a special occasion

Jan 2019

you’re more than enough girl 📸: @cecilia .leee

Jan 2019

baby take me on a journey

Dec 2018

anotha one #20

Sep 2018

back with my favorite canadian 🇨🇦❤️

Sep 2018

fried for the tide